What to do with Wedding Flowers after a Wedding

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It’s fair to say that there is no single moment at a wedding that is filled with more anticipation and emotion than when the bride first steps into view, wearing her stunning wedding gown and holding her festive and fragrant wedding bouquet.  

Despite the obvious attention on the bride, wedding flowers are not just limited to the bridal bouquet. There are the carefully arranged bridesmaid bouquets, flower corsages for special people in attendance, buttonhole flowers for distinguished guests, and various wedding floral arrangements from table centrepieces to altar decorations, because there is nothing brighter and more joyous than flowers at a wedding. 

As vibrant and glorious as flowers in full bloom are, they are also sadly transient. But here’s the thing, they don’t need to be. There are ways to preserve your wedding flowers so they don’t need to become a distant memory. We’ll explore the various options available to you in this article. 

How to store wedding flowers before preserving them

You spent so much time and attention painstakingly choosing your floral arrangements for your big day, whether to compliment your colour theme and style or to make a popping statement. Either way, it’s only natural that you want to preserve the beauty of your flowers so you can enjoy them and the memory of your big day for years to come. 

If you intend to preserve your wedding flowers, then it’s important that you keep them as fresh as possible. This isn’t always easy because weddings are typically long days and bouquets are usually handled a lot, especially during professional photo sessions. You’ll need to be extra vigilant if you’re in a warm climate because flowers are greatly affected by the weather and can start to wilt quickly if left in the heat without water.  

As soon as you don’t need your wedding bouquet, hand it over to a trusty helper to keep it in a cool place and dip the stems in some sugary water. This will mean that in the days that follow, you’ll have more options for preserving your flowers. 

Press your wedding bouquet

A nifty way of preserving your wedding flowers is by simply laying your entire bouquet, or if you’d prefer, just a selection of flowers from your bouquet, between two pieces of wax paper inside the pages of a heavy book and then weighing them down some more by adding more books on top. Leave the flowers in place to dry for seven to ten days. Once they are flat and dry you can use them however you like. For maximum nostalgic value, frame your bouquet of flowers and hang it alongside your wedding photos and the wedding photos of your parents and grandparents.  

Preserve in Resin

Preserving your wedding flowers in a decorative resin paperweight is a practical way to remember your wedding blooms, and it’s easy too. All you need to do is buy a mould in the shape and size that you like and fill it halfway with epoxy resin. Then carefully arrange your flowers in the fluid before topping it up with more resin and then leaving it to dry. It’s that simple. Once you remove the mould you’ll be left with a practical and artistic reminder of your special day. You can purchase both the mould and epoxy resin from your local craft shop or art supply store.

Preserve in Wax

Another way of preserving your wedding bouquet is by dipping your flowers in wax. To wax-preserve your bouquet, you’ll need to melt paraffin wax over the stove in boiling water. When the fluid takes on an even and smooth consistency, turn the stove down so that the mixture slightly cools. Then take your freshest and most vibrant flowers and gently dip them into the solution. Pull them out again quickly and hang them upside down to dry. What you’ll find is that your flowers will have retained their colour and physical integrity. In fact, after dipping your flowers in wax, it’ll be very hard to distinguish them from fresh flowers. The only downside is that this preservation method isn’t permanent and won’t last beyond a period of up to six months.  

Dry your Wedding Flowers

One of the easiest ways to preserve your wedding flowers is by hanging them upside down in a dry location and letting them air-dry over a week or two. Once they have dried, you can admire them in any number of ways. You might choose to simply arrange them in a stylish vase or if you’re up for something a little more creative, you might instead incorporate them into a wreath. Whatever you do, remember that your once moist flowers are now dry and that means that they are also very brittle and can easily snap and crumble, so be sure to handle them delicately. 

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